Emergency Shelter

Emergency Center Guidelines

We are a Faith based Christ centered home. Our desire is to care for you as we have been cared for and so loved by others in a time of crisis and need. Please help us to be able to do so by understanding and agreeing to the following expectations we have of you while you are in our home.

You have come to us in a state of emergency. Housing and meals are your primary needs. While we can never understand fully all the reasons for your current situation, we can and want to offer a hand up!

Your stay with us is on a daily basis….for a maximum of three days.

Consumption of illegal drugs or alcohol is not allowed. Any prescription drugs must be declared prior to entry and must be in a container labeled with your name and info.

A shower is mandatory to stay in rooms. Your clothes will be laundered and temporary clothes issued while your clothes are being laundered.

Anything you bring into the home will be subject to a search…we are a drug-free and weapons-free safe home.

No outside pets will be allowed at The Mission.

Smoking will be allowed only in designated areas and smoking times are up to the discretion of the house leader.

Meals will be served at designated times. Access to food and food storage areas is for staff only and at their discretion.  If you have a medical need that requires special food preparation, we will try to accommodate it.

Bedrooms are for sleeping only during evening hours. All remaining hours are spent in the day use areas of The Mission.

If you leave The Mission after 5:00 pm you will not be allowed back into our home.

Lights out are as directed by the in-house leader, but will not exceed 10:00 pm without the express permission of an MGM Director.

All clothing worn while staying at The Mission will be appropriate attire for living in a mixed environment. (No shirts with vulgar pictures or printing, no short shorts, no midriff or bikini tops, etc.)

Any violations of the aforementioned guidelines will be cause for a self-exiting scenario, and you will be asked to leave the home.